Consumers, farmers and the future of New Zealand hill country farming


  • A.K. Mcdermott
  • F.G. Scrimgeour


The future of hill country farmers depends on constructive engagements with international consumers and domestic values and politics. Antifragility, being at worst unharmed by or benefiting from stresses or shocks, involves both reducing system downside and maximising the upside potential. Antifragility is enhanced by farmers selecting partners with which they align in transparent relationships. Farmers should consider integration or collaboration rather than selfsufficiency. Maintaining an element of flexibility within the farm system is also essential. In addressing the market it is not appropriate to focus on the average consumer. New Zealand producers should target those who care about what is good for them with what is good for the world and good quality; listen to them and deliver what they want. Delivering on what is wanted requires farmers to "farm like they are watching you". They are. Farmers and companies need to be able to verify what they claim and celebrate an honest story. Keywords: antifragility, consumers, flexibility, honesty, quality, transparency Key messages • Establish aligned, transparent partnerships






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