Monitoring and benchmarking farm performance


  • C.J. Mulvaney
  • D.J. Maccoll


Summary StockCARE has become recognised as a programme that can add value to sheep and beef farm businesses. The recognition is most likely built on some of the key features and benefits: • A systems based programme which has been proven to add value • Monitoring and benchmarking are the platform, but the intensity of the collection, interpretation and utilisation of information related to key drivers of every production system, is unique • StockCARE has a proven framework for a disciplined approach to the collection and analysis of production information. • The initial emphasis is on identifying, understanding and defining the factors that may limit performance, before solutions are considered • Farmers are encouraged to create a strong business team and develop strong relationships with people such as bankers, agronomists, fertiliser representatives and stock agents • StockCARE is about helping farmers optimise their business performance because not every farmer can be the "best" • StockCARE is long term, with on-going support for continuous improvement.






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