Factors influencing fertiliser and lime decisions on South Island high- and hill-country farms

  • Xiaomeng K. S. Lucock Lincoln University
  • Jim L. Moir Lincoln University
Keywords: Fertiliser and lime decisions, high- and hillcountry farmers, regulatory environment, sustainability


• Fertiliser and lime decisions by high- and hill-country farmers directly impact on their farm performance, but the factors influencing these decisions are not well understood.

• Factors influencing South Island high- and hill-country farmers’ fertiliser and lime decisions are a complex matrix of both biophysical and socio-economic components, such as costs, location, soil conditions and public perception.

• Factors influencing these farmers’ fertiliser and lime decisions reflect the complex farm systems and the wider socio-economic environment that they operate within. A greater empathy between the farming and non-farming communities will help alleviate some of the challenges faced by these farmers.


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