• L.W. Gorman


Strawberry clover when growing vigorously is difficult to distinguish from white clover. Its stoloniferous growth and creeping habit resemble that of white clover, the leaf colour is similar, but the distinguishing features are the longer and narrower leaflet of the strawberry clover with the veins of each leaflet very much branched and more closely spaced than in white clover. The flower heads differ also. The flower heads of white clover are usually white, but some may have a pinkish tinge. Strawberry clover flowers are slightly pointed and mostly pinkish to white, closely resembling a ripening strawberry; hence the name strawberry clover. As the flowers ripen the florets of white clover turn down toward the ground, whereas in strawberry clover the whole flower .head develops a characteristic "bladdery" appearance with further resemblances to the' fruit of the common strawberry plant. Strawberry clover seed is larger than that of white clover, but slightly smaller than that of red clover. The seed colour. may vary, but is principally reddish brown or yellow, distmctly flecked, with dark markings.