Interactions between players in the field of pasture renewal


  • K. Rijswijk



The Pasture Renewal Leadership Group (PRLG) has undertaken four surveys among its members, dairy farmers, seed retailers and contractors to assess the effectiveness of the PRLG's communication around the topic of pasture renewal. This paper reviews these surveys and focusses on the interactions between the different respondent groups and the influence of the interactions on farmers' pasture renewal practices, based on the information sources each respondent group used and the credibility they attribute to them. The main information sources for farmers are farm consultants and scientists, whereas the other respondent groups mainly use their everyday contacts. Perceived credibility of the information sources by the information users, as well as the confidence level of the information user in decisionmaking about pasture renewal, influenced which information sources were used. However, consistency and clarity of the information itself remains an issue, due to competition amongst the information sources and the increased complexity of the knowledge behind pasture renewal. Keywords: pasture renewal, communication, interaction, information sources, survey