AR37 endophyte effects on porina and root aphid populations and ryegrass damage in the field


  • A.J. Popay
  • B. Cotching
  • A. Moorhead
  • C.M. Ferguson



The novel endophyte, AR37, in ryegrass has reduced porina larval survival and plant damage in pot trials. To determine the effect of AR37 on larvae in the field, populations were estimated in two ryegrass field trials in Canterbury. Plant damage and plant densities were also scored in one trial. At Ceres Farm, no porina were found in Italian ryegrass 'Status' infected with AR37 whereas low populations (<10 m-2) were present in endophyte-free and AR1-infected ryegrass of the same cultivar. In the third year of an endophyte ryegrass trial near Oxford, density of porina tunnels was 60% lower in the tetraploid perennial ryegrass 'Halo' with AR37 than in 'Bealey' with NEA2. In the diploid perennial ryegrass cultivars, 'Commando' and 'One50', porina populations were 81-84% lower in AR37-infected plots compared with the same cultivars infected with AR1or with low level Wild-type infection. Plant damage was on average 71% lower and plant densities 63% higher in AR37 than in the AR1 and low endophyte treatments. Keywords: tetraploid, diploid, Wiseana, root aphid, AR1, NEA2







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