Pasture species and cultivars used in New Zealand - a list


  • J.F.L. Charlton
  • A.V. Stewart



In recent years, the number of pasture species and cultivars commercially available to farmers in New Zealand has increased significantly. Reasons for this include increased commercial activity in the development and supply of proprietary cultivars, and more specialisation in New Zealand's pastoral agriculture. In particular, pasture cultivars are increasingly marketed as proprietary products with associated technical support. This year there are 109 certified cultivars available, belonging to 23 grass, legume and herb species. As a result, farmers are now able to develop improved pasture feed supply, but they are somewhat confused about pasture species and cultivars, and this frustrates their aims to produce high quality animal products from productive pastures. Accordingly, the herbage seeds industry needs to work from a clear reference list, to avoid any confusion when supplying farmers and overseas clients with their seed requirements. Our list of pasture species, types and cultivars available within New Zealand aims to be that reference. Keywords: birdsfoot trefoil, brome grass, caucasian clover, chicory, clover, cocksfoot, cultivars, herbs, lotus, lucerne, pasture, phalaris, plantain, prairie grass, red clover, ryegrass, seeds, species, strawberry clover, sub clover, tall fescue, timothy, types, white clover, Yorkshire fog







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