How do sheep and beef farmers manage pasture quality?


  • M.G. Lambert
  • M.S. Paine
  • G.W. Sheath
  • R.W. Webby
  • A.J. Litherlandr
  • T.J. Fraser
  • D.R. Stevens



Four groups of sheep and beef farmers located throughout New Zealand were asked questions relating to pasture quality management. Answers were grouped into themes. In answer to the question "what do you do to manage pasture quality", themes identified were manipulation of wholefarm feed demand throughout the year to match feed supply; use of specific grazing strategies; topping and mowing; cropping and regrassing; fertiliser application; weed and pest control; conservation and supplementation; monitoring, predicting and planning; irrigation, drainage and aeration; and internal parasite control. In answer to the question "what is pasture quality", themes identified were animal performance; chemical composition of the herbage; botanical and morphological composition of the herbage; factors affecting intake and utilisation; and anti-quality factors. Most management practices were designed to control the spring surplus or provide alternative high quality feed through cropping or regrassing. Keywords: current practices, farmers, management, pasture quality, sheep and beef







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