Revegetation of erosion scars in Wairarapa hill country


  • M.G. Lambert
  • N.A. Trustrum
  • D.A. Costall
  • A.G. Foote



revegetation of erosion scars, 3 fertiliser and 3 seeding treatments were applied to plots on 8 recent scars in the Wairarapa, half each on northerly or southerly aspects. Four scars were grazed, and 4 were not grazed for the first 2% years. Fertiliser treatments were no fertiliser, superphosphate, and superphosphate plus nitrogen. Seedin.g treatments were no seed, a slowestablishing mixture, and a fast-establishing mixture. Changes in vegetative cover were monitored during years 0 to 2l/, and pasture production during years 3% to 5%. Conclusions include: rate of recovery of pastures can be greatly increased by not grazing for 2-3 years and sowing white clover and Lotus pedunculatus; spaceplanting hill slopes with suitable tree species could be accomplished at the same time; if slips are not spelled from grazing, rate of slip revegetation and subsequent productivity from oversowing white clover can be reduced. Keywords: erosion, fencing, fertiliser, hill pastures, oversowing, production, revegetation, slips







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